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Serving the lower mainland since 1997

The real estate marketplace of Greater Vancouver is very large and extremely fast paced, where good timing is all important to a successful outcome. Buying or selling decisions are often dependent upon many factors which can make the optimum timing somewhat complicated.

For the Seller, it is often a matter of when to sell to maximize the cash out while considering perhaps the changing prices of his future home, or the timing of relocating to another market altogether.

If you are buying, you want to own your own home as soon as you can, especially if you are a first time buyer, while interest rates are low and prices have not gone any higher. However, all buyers ask.....but what to buy? The market is so large. You may ask, will I choose the best property available for a fair price? How much can I or should pay?

Choosing the right professional can save you time and money while assisting you in the sale or purchase of your home or investment property. You will never feel pressured and you will receive world class advice that's right for your needs. Also, the right professional will advise you correctly on the laws of agency and will protect your interests in negotiating the best price for you. With Westwynd, we guarantee that your best interests come first and we will work very hard to ensure that you get the best value in the market today.

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